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Outdoor kitchens offer many immediate advantages over conventional indoor cooking. The first advantage that comes to mind is that guests and family are more easily involved in the cooking process and in the production of the meal. Foods that you may love, such as fish or curry, that tend generate lingering odors are also better cooked and enjoyed outdoors

Outdoor kitchen set-ups can range in price from $2,000 for a small counter with a simple grill to $30,000 or more for high-end versions containing an assortment of appliances. High-end versions may incorporate features like an outdoor fireplace and a roof.

Outdoor kitchens need to be more practical and functional, often with fewer appliances. Indoors kitchens must have a refrigerator with a freezer. Outdoors this would be a plus, not a necessity. The same can be said for a sink, drawers, etc. Outdoors the absolute necessities are great cooking appliances. You’ll need at least a good quality grill and a small wood-burning oven. The grill can be used for cooking meats and grilling vegetables. The oven can be used for breads, pizza, roasts, pies, pasta, meats and more. The versatility of these small wonders never cease to amaze even the most experienced chef.